The overall goal of mobilization is to restore normal joint function including the surrounding soft tissue.

Pre & Post Surgery


Studies show that pre-surgical rehabilitation facilitates a better surgical outcome and it also shortens the duration of post-operative rehabilitation.

Sports injury and sports massage


Sports massage is a popular form of treatment for soft tissue injuries. Getting a regular sports massage also forms part of many athletes injury prevention strategy.

Personalised plans


We treat patients on a case by case basis, creating personalised physiotherapy treatment plans to ensure that we solve the route of your problem.

Medico legal report writing


We can provide medico-legal assessments and reports. Our reports are clear, succinct, independent and well presented by a team who has experience in working to instruction. 

Kinesiology taping


Kinesiology taping (or kinesio taping) is the application of a thin, stretchy, cotton-based therapeutic tape that can benefit a wide variety of injuries and inflammatory conditions.