What our clients are saying.

Kathryn - Ulster Orchestra

"I’ve suffered from tension in my neck for years. It is particularly painful after a heavy concert on a Friday/Saturday evening. Having someone who really understands the strains on my body from my job is invaluable!" 


Robin - IT Technician

"After years of back pain I finally decided to go to a physio and it's the best decision I ever made! Kathy is fantastic at explaining what the underlying cause of the pain is and she has also designed a bespoke work out plan to fit my needs."

Claire - Ulster Orchestra

"Having Kathy as my physio has been a godsend for me. My second session particularly: my neck had completely seized up after the rehearsal and I wouldn’t have been able to play in the concert without the hands on treatment."

Otti - Office Worker

I had an appointment with our physio at work and found it extremely useful and reassuring. It would have taken months to get a physio appointment on the NHS, and to go privately would have cost a fortune. Can’t thank you enough"